We are AMARE, The Mental Wellness Company

Mental wellness is physical wellness.

Mental wellness is financial wellness.

Mental wellness is a revolution.

Our award-winning products, combined with synergistic programs, supported by heart-centered people, and empowered by the opportunity to transcend financial stress --all of this, when interconnected, IS the Amare Platform -- IS the Mental Wellness Revolution.

There are many ways to live your best life, but only Amare Global is combining holistic, scientifically-validated, industry-leading solutions for optimizing your mental, physical, and financial wellness.

This is the heartbeat of Amare. Love yourself one day at a time. Change the world one person at a time. Lead the Mental Wellness Revolution.

Amare's all-natural mental wellness products support vigor, happiness, stress resilience, mental performance, and whole-body wellness.

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you could be part of that massive growth and PROUDLY serve the world and our communities by providing natural solutions to those who are ready and desperate to take back control of their health and happiness?


you got PAID to help others + were able to grow a significant business, while honoring your integrity, your time, your family and your own mental wellness?

The Health + Wellness industry is predicted to be

the FASTEST growing industry in 2023.

Transforming the world starts with one. One visionary. One innovator. One person…like you. In less than 5 years, Amare will be in a million homes all around the world. Creating ripple effects of positive change. A million realities transformed from the inside out. You may not even realize it’s happening, but it’s happening. A million starts with one. A million starts with you.

Amare Global is the FIRST + ONLY Network Marketing Company to lead the Mental Wellness Revolution.

The TIME is NOW!


you didn't join a billion dollar company, but you were helping build one...YOU were a PIONEER + the FIRST to bringing Mental Wellness to the masses?


you were handed a simple, done-for-you roadmap that would help you get RESULTS immediately, without cold messaging strangers, begging your family...that would actually ATTRACT people to what you have to offer?


there were industry leaders + mentors personally available to you to help you take your skills, your confidence and your mindset to a whole new level?

We are transforming lives...

After stepping away from a 6-figure network marketing business, she finally found alignment, impact, and more duplication than she's ever experienced before. Ranking up 9 times and becoming Founder within her first year and a half, Shayla has found Amare to be the place where she can build a legacy for her family.

From no systems, no strategy, sending spammy messages and a burned out network marketer to LEADER in less than a year. Lindsey has moved farther and faster with Amare than she did in the past EIGHT years with her previous company - now, with passion, energy, integrity, authenticity + balance in her life.

Being a perpetual optimist that craves living in her child like spirit, Becky has always been attracted to the flexibility of Network Marketing. For Becky finding a company that gives her an unwavering belief has been a driving force and with that she is finally experiencing success.

She went from failing miserably in 9 other companies and on the brink of foreclosure to DEBT-FREE in the same year! Because of duplicatable systems, timing and an amazing community, Kristen is now able to stay home with her daughter, go on epic adventures and her business is finally thriving.

Lack of alignment and systems made success nearly unattainable in her previous business. With a team of 150, and only 5 of them actually working, she new she needed to find a better way. Joining Amare helped Rebecca rebuild and expand her business from a completely cold market...and with more energy and passion than ever.

As a top income earner in

her previous company, she experienced success first hand - but that also came with sacrifice and burnout. Since joining Amare, Ashlee has built a business with a family-first focus and systems that drive results without compromising the things that truly matter the most.

She stepped away from a successful health-coaching business during the holidays and in the middle of a global pandemic and now she's finally in alignment with her business and her health. Having consumable and relevant products, coupled with simple systems has taken Stephanie to the Top 10 in the company.

After several failed attempts at Network Marketing, trying to market irrelevant products and attract serious business builders with no success, Milee has finally found her home with Amare. Finding the right products, systems that drive success and duplication and a like-minded, supportive community, she finally feels aligned and alive again!


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The FUTURE is in your hands...

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We'll see you on the inside!